“MOTHER EARTH”, My Maternity-Inspired Collaboration With Love & Flair. (+GIVEAWAY!)

Hello, March! Saya menyambut bulan ini dengan gembira karena ada sebuah project kolaborasi yang due untuk diluncurkan di awal bulan. Yes, sepanjang awal tahun ini saya mempersiapkan koleksi kecil bersama LOVE & FLAIR, salah satu e-commerce fashion favorit saya selama ini. Founder-nya, Emily Jaury, melontarkan ide ini akhir tahun lalu di sela obrolan santai kami. Saat itu saya sedang lumayan stuck dalam proses menyelesaikan buku (phew!), dan berpikir, kenapa enggak? Mungkin ini akan jadi sebuah kolaborasi yang menyegarkan bagi saya, sekaligus jadi pengalaman menarik yang mewarnai perjalanan kehamilan pertama saya ini. Jadilah kami mulai perencanaannya di awal tahun ini. Seru banget ternyata prosesnya! Saya mengawali persiapan kami dengan membuat moodboard untuk team produksi, beserta dengan tema dan konsep besar yang ingin dieksekusi. Dalam post ini akan saya ceritakan prosesnya secara garis besar ya, karena menurut saya justru yang paling nggak terlupakan adalah proses panjang di balik pembuatan koleksi tersebut. Let’s start!

How To Deal With Creative Block?

Oh, weekdays. Here we are again. After indulging myself in such a long, long break post-wedding-ceremony, routines quickly striking back. I’ve flown to Jogja twice this week, and soon will go back to Jakarta for another working weekend. This frequency of travel is part of my job and I wouldn’t mind at all - it takes effort and energy but I’ve prepared for that. What I (surprisingly) find difficult is when lately my mind seems to get clouded easily - I couldn’t think as clear, I process things slower, and most importantly… I feel stuck in stagnancy. Whenever I want to create, or to design or to write, I have to stop for a few minute before I can concentrate on my purpose again. Repetitively. In some occasions I couldn’t even write at all. My hands were stiff and my mind refusing to cooperate. But this is not the first time - these symptoms happen before in my life and it’s quite obvious that I’ve been experiencing a creative block. As someone who works within the so-called creative industry, a creative block can be pretty annoying. Here are several things I’d like to share with you, on how to defeat your own creative block:

Passion to Mansion: How To Do What You Love and Make A Living

This morning, overwhelmed by questions I received via Snapchat (during the open-for-public chatbox moment), I realized that most of the followers were mostly curious about one thing: how to be able to make a living from your true passion? The questions were varied from how did I start the “online-career”, to “what do I actually do during the day” and up until “how can I find my passion and work on it”. Those are not only interesting, those are important question - but first I’m going to breakdown the context for you.

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