Revisiting Faith

There are many opportunities related to blogging career that come along my way during these 5 years, and honestly I wasn't very careful on choosing which one I want to try. I made a good mistake when I went with the new-fashion-blogging-trend flow after I decided to blog full-time and move to the capital. I took some jobs that I hate, some projects that were harder to finish than I thought, some not-so-useful collaborations.  The only way I can grow is by letting myself to change - either for shorter term or longer period of time. 

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Dear Grandpa : A Merry Christmas Letter

It’s almost Christmas Eve here in Jakarta Indonesia, and by the time I’m writing this, my grandmother is sleeping behind my back - she just spent her 3 hours being stuck in traffic jam, post-landing from Yogyakarta on her way from the airport. The big city’s road is mean to the old people, but my grandmother managed to stay calm (as she always does). I haven’t seen her since I visited the hometown two months ago, and I couldn’t be happier to see her here for real after the long months of grief we got through… the months after my beloved grandfather passed away. 

Christmas Gift Idea #1 : Custom Illustrated Decor & Stationary

It's a holiday season, and I work every day. Not a pleasant news to hear, since I barely have time for any Christmas Gift Shopping Day Outside The House. But thanks to my manager, Ajeng, I found some ideas to prepare proper gifts without leaving my working table. She showed me a website which focused on digital printing and gift-making for our special ones. We can browse images (can be illustration, letter art, photography and more graphics) from various artist listed on their site, then choose which gift we want to put the illustration: cushion? Framed-photo for the wall? Phone case? Or simply your own preferred card. All that and your orders will be shipped to the given address. Simple and easy!

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Look At Those Time We've Lost

Lately I've been doing a lot of mental-struggle, especially when I must deal with my own deadlines. Should we keep being patient and wait for the best time to set, or should we be a little more impatient and create our "perfect" timing? Both ways are completely fine, with different consequences. I don't think I would go word-vomit (yet) on this post to talk about the whole decision-making complexities, and saving on some other future posts from that part.

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Travel : San Benito Farm, Phillipines

We arrived at The Farm of San Benito in the afternoon, after a 6-hours flight from Jakarta and a couple hours in the aiport waiting for everybody else to arrived. The Farm at San Benito is located about an hour and half from the airport, in a city called Lipa in Batangas, Phillipines. The Farm itself has been known as an award-winning retreat and spiritual sanctuary for wellness and healthy living (the ones that appeared in one of Real Housewives of Atlanta episode), so we were super thrilled to stay there! 

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The Importance of Girls Meet-Up

A day before Love, Bonito Launching Event, me and Sonia, who happened to be two of their many hosts for the show, had an impulsive idea to hang out with our "followers" (I hate to put it this way, but I have to, so this story will make sense). Basically, as the host, we have extra invitations to give out, and normally we just hand them over to the person before the show begin - no further conversation needed. But this time we both think that it will be a pity if we don't start the idea of getting to know our readers/fellow bloggers/community better by having a quality time with them outside the fashion show. So instead of just giving away invitations, we ask them to come hanging out with us over coffee before the show - because we want to know them and learn about what they do.

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