If you stumbled upon this blog, that means our stars have crossed somewhere up above; possibly thousand years back. Some things change, but it's always nice to see a familiar face.

Let me wander with you.

Friday Favorite : StrawberryKoi

Friday Favorite : StrawberryKoi


Hi my dear friends, here is my influential figure post again! I'm so excited to write about this young gorgeous lady, Aya Smith of the StrawberryKoi. I know she's already famous among the blogging-community, so maybe many of you have seen her before... But I still want to make this post because she is so amazing! I found her accidentally when I was browsing through the Wardrobe_Remix pool in Flickr. That time I saw perfection in every of her photos : beautiful self, pretty plaid dresses, straw hat and leather bags, perfect hair do's and natural places on the background... Her classy vintage style is just brilliant! Feeling interested, I tracked her down to her Flickr account and finally found her blog (no Aya, I'm not a stalker, I just really adore you). The StrawberryKoi Vintage Style is probably the neatest, unique, sweetest blog I've never seen before. I didn't have any blog that time - I was just following her quietly and never have any guts to leave some comments... But by the time goes, after I read her beautiful words regularly and see her sweet attitudes toward others, I feel somehow be encouraged to start my own blog too. And here I am, in my own blog, writing about her, as an appreciation for her meaningful influences and because I'd love to let others be inspired as well.


Another important facts about Aya :

  • She is a mother of one gorgeous little boy named Lucien, from her marriage with John-Lennon-alike gentleman who commonly known as Mr. Thom Lennon. I think she has a wonderful family!
  • Aya is half japanese (please correct me if I'm wrong) and she speaks fluent Japanese, formal or lingo, with her funny 'written' expression sometimes (Yakuza accent? Geisha style? LOL, that's so funny!).
  • Recently she opened her Etsy store and give us chance to steal (well, buy, actually) her magical vintage outfits!
  • Because she is so talented and creative, she also has : a special channel on Youtube for her Vintage Hair Tutorial Collections, an account on Deviantart for her artworks, a beautiful home-website and her well-known photostreams on Flickr. We can order custom web-graphics like web-design or headers to her too!

If someday I marry someone and have children, I definitely dream to have such great activities and life like Aya has now. And if you read this, Aya-san, I just want you to know that you mean so much to me! Thank you for being my inspiration and always supporting me from time to time - you're an angel.

One More Thing

Yes, I need to say more. Two days ago I started making this post - like pick the photos, make the collage and so on - and just finished yesterday. Then, this morning, I found out that Aya is featuring me on her blog as the Blogger of The Week!


I was shocked and gratefuin the same time - first, to realize how meaningful it is to see yourself being featured on your favorite blog, and last, to know that we both are posting about each other! This coinsidenceis unbelieveable - even we're not really publishing the post simultaneously, but still surprising enough for me. I remember that they call this situation in Japanese as "ishindenshin", means 'direct' communication from mind to mind -unconsciously, unintentionally. So thanks again, Aya, for the feature! You're always the sweetest.

Everyone, thank you for reading, I hope this could mean something for you too. Have a great day!

Holds My Hands and Ask Me to Dance

Holds My Hands and Ask Me to Dance

Inspiration : Alice in Wonderland

Inspiration : Alice in Wonderland