If you stumbled upon this blog, that means our stars have crossed somewhere up above; possibly thousand years back. Some things change, but it's always nice to see a familiar face.

Let me wander with you.

Let The Sands Talk

Let The Sands Talk

a picnic photo session with 

Lambok Sinaga


Lucas Aditya

featuring my bestfriend 

Ajeng Anglaina

I once told you the tale of my never-ending summer days. It's here, the heat, the passionate breathe, the bright sunbeams and light wind breeze... For more, the highlights of sunshine dreams caught my soul. And here I'll share you some.

How could one survive without the longing sense of nature? The desirous of dancing in the sands, kissing the wild flower petals, lying on the ivory dust... They love you, yes, the spirit of Gaea does. They amuse you with their rivulet games, asking you to see the humors that runs through the threads of life.

Live the stressed routines like a brilliant comedy. Laugh often, smile more. Take off the shoes, socks, or nylon for a thrill of barefoot-walks around the humid ground.

me : vintage floral top + short, floral scarf, white socks-gallery tights, leather belt from Singapore, random bangles.

It might close to winter in the other part of world now, but summer warmth could be find in a corner where your heart belongs. I hope you are all safe, there, by the place you refer as home. :)

And The Leaves Are Blue

And The Leaves Are Blue

Crush on the Seashore

Crush on the Seashore