And The Leaves Are Blue

What if the leaves are sad and turned blue? It should've been hurt, like you. I saw their teary branches bent in wistful swing, their verdant tip stare out to a far empty air. The blue leaves, side by side with the somber stones and arched shades of the hollow trees. They might lost their chaperone - it's a loss of hopes and demise of dreams. It was missing and never be found. An empty realm shew, forsake the soul, alone, screw.

The leaves turned blue but I keep on grew. So I hope will dance, you too. Move and make the wishing lists come true.

Some serious notes:

  • I am not sad, it's just the writing went melancholy as the color tone of the photos turned the leaves into blue and purple shades.
  • There's no such thing like blue leaves. We only got blue flowers, but never leaf. The blue spectrum and pigments are mostly absorbed, not reflected, on the leaf surfaces.
  • I guess I'd even going to be much slower on updating my blog since right now I'm still doing my internship as a journalist at MetroTV.
  • I'd be finished by the next two weeks, anyway.
  • I wore a chiffon dress from {bon.vieux} and Ruby wooden sandals.
  • I'd give anything to get my free time back and catch up all of your blogs because I've been sooooo left behind here, whatsoever, missed you all cupcakes - take care and i'd steal more working hours to write again. Kisses.
Claradevi Handriatmaja