First April Rain

The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year

[Mark Twain]

Rain started to poured since the first day of April - which has been my all-time favorite month. It's a birthday month for many people I know - 4 of my best friends, 5 person in my family and also myself in the last day of April. And, subjectively said, the April weather is one of the most loveliest among the other - a perfect combination between humid mist and sun-warm greetings. It rained a lot lately and I much enjoy the air. Though, however, I hate the rain... Over some past experiences, I found that rain resembles a restless loneliness. Driving alone in the rain always made me missing my loved ones to the uppermost stake, with strongly unyielding minds that wouldn't stop the whine. And how could I finally came to think that rain is beautiful, in the end, still remains mystery. So forgive this corny mood all along the post - I distracted a lot.

Those photos above were taken by my sister in a rainy morning today, with dewy lens - that's how they looked like they were taken by analog camera. Then I switched the lens with a versatile 1.8/50mm to get brighter pictures.


blue Giordano cardigan, Korean floral dress, Topshop tights, Marmallade black leather satchel,

Bonvieux lace shawl, red hairclip - handmade, black Amanda Jane flats, Ruby umbrella - Singapore.

Considering the mood (and forecast too), seems like I'd be layering a lot. That suits the gloom, don't you think? Despite if the musty complaint, I should admit that I was so delighted to read the reader's comment on the last post. To find that many bloggers are enjoying to write based on what they truly are, is somehow embracing... Especially when I replied all of those commenters on their own blog, seeing how lovely everyone is! Everything has making me love this community a lot more. You guys are really, really inspiring.

Claradevi Handriatmaja