Polkadot x Denim


vintage leather bag

vintage polkadot blouse

the executive black blazer


jeans (afterwashed color)

korean brown leather mary-jane shoes

So this is how I dress up myself in pants. Denim, to be specific. I'm not a big fan of jeans but it's one versalite fashion piece to use and it helps you to protect the skin under a rough day. I'm still a tripodless person now, and I tried to switch my background to get a full-body shots because mom can't stand me wearing shoes on the bed even for taking pictures! And yes I don't wear any make up so I might looking a bit sleepy.


So I'm finally receiving sponsors again starting on July 1st. There are several space left so let me know if you'd like to be one of them! And by the way is there any of you got some fun stories to share? Let me know what make you happy lately. Also I have a birthday-friend to celebrate today, a fellow Indonesian blogger

Sonia Eryka

. Hoping she has a blast today and prosperity for her coming years... Happy for you, Son! And happy early week to all of you. I can't wait for getting to the weekend-days since my long-distance boyfriend will be home by Saturday!