When It Comes


Will we ever know when is the time? The right time for everything?

My grandmother has a 4-stadium cervical cancer and all of the family members are trying their best to make her days fine and sweet. These lately two weeks, I have had a hard times to accept how my tough, cheerful grandmom is now getting weaker and more wistful each day while lying alone in her hospital couch. I missed blogging, I missed a day without gloom, I missed her back into her normal shape. Right now I get along well with the sadness, knowing that all I need is to spend most of my time doing things that will make her happy. For e

ach precious second. Each memorable day. Each smile of her face. Each time she stares me with a look of "I'm proud to have a grand-daughter like you". Each of her fragment depiction, I'll keep it on my heart forever. Like an endless dream in my sleep.