If you stumbled upon this blog, that means our stars have crossed somewhere up above; possibly thousand years back. Some things change, but it's always nice to see a familiar face.

Let me wander with you.

Wishing for a Cloudy Day

Wishing for a Cloudy Day



vintage blue-sky dress,

Giovanna leather oxford shoes

vintage tapestry bag from

Hazey Jane Vintage


Nobody wants to be caught under bad weather. Most people crave for brightness in a sunny day, blue skies to spoil the eyes, zephyr wind to caress the skin dry. But there's one moment I discern the fatiguing phase of being in a great weather day - You'd spend your time going out, collecting outside depiction, walking on... All of the frilly little things except staying in bed. Those things that stole your consciousness sometimes, consuming your soul when you're least aware. Those that letting you die happily without worries, without pain. Those beautiful things.


(were not satisfied with the wringkled dress but decided to post it anyway)

I pulled myself out of the nice season. Home needs me right now. Grandmother holds to the family as her caretaker, Mother hangs on my shoulder for her best supporter, and this restless mind could better bear its own millstones slowly. Beside home reads and multiple tea cups, blogging may get my full concern now. Also I left my beloved tripod somewhere that I literally can't take picture outside without people around to help... This is the kind of time where I preserve my socially-introvert self cycle. The kind of tide where I'm wishing for a cloudy day and a little raindrops seen from my window side. And I hope you don't mind to see my attire lookbook by a bedroom-view for a while. I grew stronger after reading many wonderful supports I got from you, and even similar stories of losing a person you love. I feel that blogging bring us together in some way... In some wonderful way. I owe you a thoughtful friendship call beyond wires.

Polkadot x Denim

Polkadot x Denim

When It Comes

When It Comes