If you stumbled upon this blog, that means our stars have crossed somewhere up above; possibly thousand years back. Some things change, but it's always nice to see a familiar face.

Let me wander with you.

Camberwell Sunday Market

Camberwell Sunday Market

So finally Camberwell! I've heard about this place from soooo many people who knew I had a thing for vintage and old stuff. There so I made an appointment with Anna from Much Love to have a Sunday getaway together into this pretty place. And I've fallen for it since the very first I saw the crowds!


Antiques. You can find lots of beautiful little things from jewelry, household equipments, stones, glasses, beads, buttons... Just everything! Either it's an old couple selling their goods or young people looking for additional fun, the stalls are awesome.

There's no way I didn't make a long stop into the clothing sections, don't you think? People here got the most valuable old fashioned outfits, from sequin cardigans to grandma's knitted sweater and male rocking leather coats.

They even got collections of books from multiple ages back! You know I love burned-colored book papers and wrinkled covers... It just a proof of what these books have gotten through. A story in each.



maroon shawl - asos

floral tube dress - valley girl

black gold-buttoned coat - vintage

black velvet patent wedges - ruby shoes

I made a first day out without tights (hurrah!) because Melbourne was friendly in her 16 degrees and sunny weather. It feels so good to see so many people start wearing bright colors and bare legs!


And this is Anna on her sweetest floral skirt and sheer-scarf. I love her choice of dressing up - we share quite a similar passion of getting the old-look in a sweet way. She was so helpful and kind, taking me into lots of pretty corners and took sweet Holga pictures along the trip. I had so much fun chit-chats with this lady! Camberwell has been good, too. I bought several basic items and spoiled my eyes over the energetic atmosphere. Should make a return visit next time!

Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters

Silent Sundays Midsummer 2011

Silent Sundays Midsummer 2011