If you stumbled upon this blog, that means our stars have crossed somewhere up above; possibly thousand years back. Some things change, but it's always nice to see a familiar face.

Let me wander with you.

Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters

It was a gloomy afternoon, filled with dropping rain tears and shy blue shade on the cloudy skies. Days were rough and sad, my restless soul longing for laugh. It was the time I met her. I walked in my finest mind after the sweet lullaby, side by side with a pretty smile in a beautiful soul. She is, a friend.


The little place in the side of small alley looked pretty much lonely itself. But when we walked in, the cozy atmosphere and warm ambience was too friendly to ignore. So we spent some hours talking and having lunch and taking lots of pictures... Or basically, getting ourselves a quality of time.


She is the long-lost friend I met by chance. A friend in need, a best friend indeed. She saved me from my silly useless non-productive days when I first arrived here, offered me with her care and loving chats all the time, exchanged our deepest stories in advance, and ate a lot of meals together. Like a date.



black tights - topshop

black velvet wedges - ruby

mustard pleated skirt - bonvieux

black leather messenger bag - vintage

creme sweater with bows on the back - little sunshine

Sometimes in life, we're to busy thinking about how lonely we are. About how busy other people are, about how careless they act toward us. We might have forgotten that there is always be one person, or more, who does care and loving us, and willingly spending time with us - if only we remember them. If you feel lonely, go out! Call somebody! Buy your friends a fancy meal! Give random people gift! We're lonely because we never share. We're lonely because we might not giving attention to other people. We're lonely because in some points we wanted to looked so.


photos by Briano Kawenang

I realized that instead of complaining how we feel useless or lonely, we better start to do something fun. Be spontaneous! Have a healthy and positive habits! Laugh easily, and cry equally! Because happiness is once again a state of mind. And thank you for this city, particularly the lady who accompanied me in the whole photos above, Michelle Hendra, to let me know how precious it is to care about your own feelings and to share things with others. We can create happiness. You knew how now.

Goodbye For Now

Goodbye For Now

Camberwell Sunday Market

Camberwell Sunday Market