Goodbye For Now


black solid tights - topshop

black-lace dress - caroline morgan

black velvet wedges pair - ruby shoes

pink-creamy eyelet handbag - forever new

I finally left Melbourne. By the time you read and I wrote this post, I've flew back to Indonesia. This was the last outfit post I took before leaving. It was the first hit of Spring I finally encountered during my stay, seeing pretty flowers are blooming brighter and somehow grasses turned greener. The sense of warmth, a bit more than usual. Something that took me thought a lot and saw this place from another angle. Melbourne has been such a kindness - it was surely fine, neat, diverse, mid-crowded, filled with pretty buildings and European old housing styles. A heaven for vintage-thrifter, friendly companion for a new comer. I knew I had to love this place since the first time. There was a part of me that I let go once I came, a part that should be set free so it will somehow found its own shape, and naturally dragged back to me when I was about to leave. I felt content and have lost the vague mind I had possessed - shortly, things were much clearer after I spent my little getaway trip in this city. 

During my stay, I haven't very fond of the idea about getting fallen in love with another place as much as I love my home. But when the clock tickling rapidly as I rushed to the taxi, driven myself out from the city to the airport, I knew I had to feel a bit glimpse of bitterness. I loved this place. It was another option to consider where I'll continue study in, and despite of the technical disturbance that made me feel useless, I enjoyed the journey. I was happy there.

However, a stay must came to an end. I knew that Melbourne was totally tempting and I will back again someday soon, but this time I wasn't supposed to think about living there. There are things I need to get sorted out at home, university life calls, courses and all that crappy things I used to scheduled myself with. I wasn't that free to just planning another runaway voyage, and I realize I have to get home. Even if home is a quite strange place to make sense of. It seems to popped out somewhere unexpected and gave you that familiar feeling, but then it found to be nowhere real.

Sometimes a home resides only in our mind. Like a seed that awaits the predictable heat and flow of sufficient water to cracked out itself to serve you the goodness depiction of flora. Melbourne was homey. But as far as I could make sense of it, this time I still had to leave. And until one day, one fine day in the future, I'll keep that ever-present perception of longing by myself. I know I am good enough for a temporary goodbye.