If you stumbled upon this blog, that means our stars have crossed somewhere up above; possibly thousand years back. Some things change, but it's always nice to see a familiar face.

Let me wander with you.

Back in the Alley

Back in the Alley


tights - topshop

black solid wedges - Ruby

brown pleated skirt - a+plus

gold-chained purse - sportsgirl

creme vintage lace top -  thrifted

black vintage coat - Camberwell  Market


While these several days I've been longing Melbourne quite much, I found a photo folder on my archive containing these pictures I took with some of my new friend back in last August. That was such a fun afternoon to remember, to meet some real photographers who showed me cool places and small hidden corners with certain beauty. I recall the day when I finally could find the winter wind to be friendly, and how the short walk to Flinders street for an evening coffee wasn't that torturing anymore! 

Repeated separates.

If you noticed I'm wearing quite the same top + bottom formula as in this post. What distinguished these two might be the whole output - tights or barefoot, wedges or heels, outwears or plain. There are some people who never will wearing the similar outfit again, but for me it's not a big deal, no? I'm a kind of person who'd wear this same dress each time only because I was being in love with it. 


In pictures below you could see another place as background - being so normal


I mean as humans, I don't remember where did the photo took place in. But beyond that I still remember the feelings - how excited I was that time, when I met an old lady on her most beautiful sweater + pleated skirt outfit and (being shy) asking her to take a picture with me, dropped by a small coffee shop that closed already and wondering how it feels like to be there before... Such weird senses. But beside its oddity everything else is just as real as the experience. How I love the bittersweet luck of being a human being :)

Photos by @sinungspud | 2011

Photography : Natural Lighting

Photography : Natural Lighting

DIY : Customize Your Plain Journal

DIY : Customize Your Plain Journal