Jakarta : Old Cameras

photos by Lambok Sinaga

I think I want to show you these beautiful pictures my brother took while we went to Pasar Baru, Jakarta, last time. We weren't looking for any cameras in particular, but I saw some great collection at one of the known camera stall there (belongs to the man on my last photo, named Mr. Ginting) and fell in love with those TLR cameras. TLR or Twin-Lens Reflex cameras were known for its ability to produce sharp-focused object in pictures (unlike my Holga that makes flat dimensions), and I love the combination of its viewfinder : 45 degrees mirror, a focusing screen at the top, and the pop-up hood surrounds it. I ended ordering a still-on-fixing-progress Rolleiflex camera (the most beautiful one) and right now I'm still pretty much unsure when the baby will soon be ready to be picked. I've decided to study film photography since I have huge interests on old photos. I also believe it will teach me a strong precision learning and conceptual base for improving my DSLR skill. If you're also into film photography, do share your links or works with me (I'd be so happy to visit!) and here I linked some analogue camera user that I love : Rhianee of For The Easily DistractedOur City Lights, and the most adorable Anette Patersson!