Little Old Lady


H&M hat / Mom's vintage denim maxi skirt (shortened) / Pull&Bear leather flats / Forever New satchel  

There's a beautiful old song from the 1930's that my grandmother love to whistle. It's a song called

Little Old Lady

, originally a Broadway musical song. I tried to do a little search and finally I discover its lyrics :

"Little old lady passing by / Catching everyone's eye /You have such a charming manner / Sweet and shy... Little old bonnet set in place / And a smile on your face / You're a perfect picture in your / Lavender and lace... " (Little Old Lady, Hoagy Carmichael & Stanley Adams)

I don't know what made me deeply attached with this song but one of the reason why I love oldies tunes because they are much simpler and romantic in a quiet way, very intense and poetic. There's always this kind of thing that won't change for ages, since this old song could still perfectly deliver an odd serenity to me each time... I guess in this complicated generation, I've been dreaming a lot about simplicity. And up to this point, I think the way I dress today resembles quite a strong simple and practical wishes. One dress to-go. 

I got this dress after digging some fancy minutes in my mother's closet, where she stored ALL of the treasure she never wanted to wear herself (I always thought I should be the old-styled mother instead). After a little reconstruction to shorten the edge a bit, this dress became my new favorite. I really love its natural washed-out surfaces, and the good quality. I asked mom where did she get the dress and she said something like "

...not in a fancy shop for sure.

" Never surprised me to know that good clothes doesn't always go with famous brands. Sometimes all we need is just some luck in our eyes and taste in our mind. I'm not a person who praise brands (either in fashion, technology, anything) so maybe that's a subjective opinion... But since I wasn't born as a damn rich person in such a luxurious life, I have this little tendency to look into those people who seemed less-fortunate than me (people became beggar, children can't pay their school fees, homeless people die and I should be amazed with a ridiculous hundred millions-priced items from the fashion industry just because they

look good

? the idea just couldn't get my modest mind). I didn't say it is all bad, but there's always a way to see between both sides. I'd rather be the one who embrace the goodness in my own way, not in what the industry tried to persuade me with. Being to serious, didn't I? I'm such a little old lady - just like the song!

Claradevi Handriatmaja