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Dream On

Dream On


ivory vintage blouse /

auburn & ginger

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UP Pandora

shoes / vintage tapestry bag / topshop pendant

I found a lot of people in twitter being sarcastic about us who are building virtual networks through social media. "Act something


," that's what they commonly said. I didn't know who are they talking about and whether they addressed the statement for a specific group or generalized internet user, but I don't agree with their cynical way of thinking. They're also using internet and social media so when they rambling such things it means they talked about themselves... Besides, internet helps a lot when you know how to use it in the right way! By utilizing twitter, my best friend

Dian Paramita

raised funds for several causes like the orphanage house aids, Munir Campaign (a former Indonesian activist of justice and rule of law who were poisoned to death),

 Mount Merapi eruption (grouped with some people and collected more than US$ 10.000 cash plus million-worth aid goods) - all of those were organized through social media and being realized in real life to help people. Known Indonesian fashion blogger

Diana Rikasari

were originally made her way into fame by living her passion in a blog, and now she made an independent online shoes-line company who helped children educations by donating some percentage of every shoes's procurement. Those children she helped are

real persons.

These two ladies are building charity chains from the cyber world, and not to forget, how many people get better access to the world by being Youtube rising star and ended as real singer (Charice? or Alex Goot!).

What we do within our social media networks or the internet as a whole entity can not be judged only with stereotypes or assumptions. Rather than being jealous and cynical towards people who maybe are steps ahead than us, why don't we start something by ourselves? As simple as having a blog where you can make friendships with others and share your interests, or occupy ourselves by creating artworks to display on deviant art... As long as it has positive effects, I always embrace people to love the internet. Of course we better set up some balances, being active in both cyber world and real world... But could you imagine for people who should live somewhere faraway from civilization, for people who have certain autism personality who doesn't feel comfortable being in 

physical touch

 with others but still wants to communicate, for people who extremely introvert and shy but wants to learn making friendship... Technology helps. To keep saying sarcasm doesn't assist us to create something real as well. Of course there are poverty everywhere and millions people who can't afford computer or internet service, but this writing is made for us who internet-literate, so we won't ended being a careless snob somehow. I just hope that there will be somewhat better wisdom or peaceful (instead of hatred) next time I observe my twitter timeline...

And thanks to the internet, I can show you the unique side of my skirt - which apparently

isn't a skirt

, but a short with faux skirt accent on its front side. I got it from

Auburn & Ginger

, one of my sponsor this month. They will host another giveaway as well, so keep on coming!

Another sweetness I love is my new Pandora pair from UP shoes that back in stock while ago so I could grab her home with me. I'm a sucker for bows! As always I think they will look better together while paired with my very favorite vintage blouse (and the scalloped collar!), plus a tapestry purse from

Hazey Jane Vintage

on Etsy. Favorite things made me feel special. Went back a bit further about the internet issue, I myself were getting more experiences in real life from people who offer me chances through the internet. Travels, events, collaborations... And now I am preparing a new collaboration in my online shop (soon to be alive again) with several artists to launch a charity shopping experience online. Details are still classified but what I like about the internet is it influence us to dream, to make it real, and then to create hopes for people who never have any. A wonderful circle! 

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