If you stumbled upon this blog, that means our stars have crossed somewhere up above; possibly thousand years back. Some things change, but it's always nice to see a familiar face.

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This will be another post with huge photos. I feel like being a very happy person today! First, I got a lot of wonderful comments on my last post regarding the duplication of my blog... Made me realize how blessed I am to be a part of this wonderful blogging community. I really, really owe you a lot! And after such a downside (or drama), I'm finally able to present you another giveaway from Auburn and Ginger! I love joining giveaways and it's another happiness to be the host this time. I have received beautiful clothes from Auburn and Ginger (seen in these post : the short/skirt and the mustard sheer blouse) so now it's your turn to pick up any favorite clothes of your choice for free from the shop... And I took quite a lot of shots today wearing the dress they sent me - you may choose this one as well if you're the lucky winner!  

Look at the picture above : I've just realized that I wore my belt UPSIDE-DOWN! :D

taken by

CANON EOS 50D - 85mm/1.8 lens


Nico Wijaya



I'm sorry for the bunch of images! I edited them using

this very dreamy tutorial

from Ruche's blog, and I love the result so much until I got to post them all. Also, the lace-patterned I had from my sponsor

Lovely Shoes

is such a babycake... It's one of my favorite now - I've always loved T-straps pairs and to have one with lace-ornaments all over it is just heavenly blissful. If you like it you could head on


and purchase one - or

another pair in black


And... back to the giveaway, it's open only for my readers (means you're following either on Google friend-connect, BlogLovin', Feed Burner etc). All you need is just go to Auburn and Ginger's

Facebook Page

and "LIKE" them for an entry (counted as 1 entry)! Then you could leave a comment here telling me your active email address so I can contact you if you win. 



: Follow Auburn and Ginger's


(+1), Tweet about the giveaway (+1), If you're

my follower in twitter

(+1), Like

my facebook page

(+2). The sum of your entries will be listed and chose by Random generator, so the more entries you have, the bigger chance you'll win. The contest is

 limited only for Indonesian resident and will be closed by next week (at November 24th, 2011). 

Goodluck and please, have a blessed day!

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