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Tutorial : Heidi (Milkmaid) Braids

Tutorial : Heidi (Milkmaid) Braids

Hi again sunshine! As promised I will show you the easy way of making Heidi braids 

(or also known as the milkmaid braids as well) just 

like I did for


post. It's a versatile style to try for daily need, party, and even school days! Let's start with preparing three (3) tools that you will need, as in this picture below :

(As you see I'm using black hairbands and bobby pins to suit my brown hair - just try to find the matching color because those two are not supposed to be clearly shown beneath the plaits!)

1. First step, lay down your hair and to make two parts of it. It will be better to make the parts as even as possible, so you can get similar plaits later (that won't be neat to have one side become very thin while the other is too thick!). After you divide the hair into two sides, keep them separated.

2. Brush each side of the hair to make it smooth because we're going to start making the braids now. After they sorted neatly, grab your first side and begin braiding! I try to make the braids come as neat as possible because I don't have a long hair and some of my shorter hair is just sticking out everywhere!

3. Okay so I braid as down as I could, until the end of my hair length. You could go more than mine if possible (I can't because my hair length isn't equal at the edge), especially if you don't have a very long hair. We need the braids to be long enough because.... (

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4. ...because we're gonna lay down the braids across the head! Like creating a bandana from your own hair. Bring one part into the upper side of your hair tightly, and slip on some bobby pins to keep it in shape. Do the same thing to the other side, bring it to place in front of the previous one. I usually use 3-4 bobby pins for each side, but you can add more to secure the braids better!

5. If on the above picture you could see my hairband shown, that's because I haven't tuck the end of the plaid to cover each other. Now let's do so until they'll become invisible. Try to put the end of your plaids under one another, and secure it with pins so your braids will looked tidy and sweet!

photography and editing myself

Enjoy your Heidi-braids! I believe it won't be hard to make and if there's anyone who try the tutorial in a post, leave me the link so I could check them out :) Ah I really have to get some sleep now.


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