The Other Girl Across Reality



Sometimes, when I look into my writings in this blog, I feel like I'm reading someone else's mind. This girl in the picture looks totally fine, in her cute outfit and still poses, in her dainty smiles and innocence eyes that stare a positive gaze. The way she writes can be very mature, thoughtful, and sort of melancholic. Seems like she always know what to do in life, and never fail to see her future clearly. When I meet new people, especially them who knew me from the blog before, this kind of wise-and-sweet impression will only last less than an hour. Once I deal with the first-time meet pressure, I could talk a lot and act real silly, as I'm so clumsy and reckless as well. I could be skeptical and sarcastic, throwing out mean jokes and truly reborn into one completely different figure compare to the one people would have expected. But... this outspoken girl and this quiet blog-writer is always the same person. Instead of feeling "fake", I take this condition as quite normal, since when we're writing we can think slowly and put the logic in order - while in reality we're likely being in rush for everything, and tend to be way careless. Well, no matter what, let's remember that if we can be so calm and optimistic in one time, we can always do it again for the next time! Right now I'm not feeling so good, lots of things going on here to handle, but writing this post and seeing myself keep trying to consistently do blogging... is another reason to take a deep breath and promise the world to be the subtle lady I saw in my writings. Goodnight!



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