You're My Kinda Rain

I saw you come into the day just like the rain on a midday. Light, invisible, and solemnly lasted for a glimpse before it lost from anyone's sight. Never for once you tell when will you show up, and most of the time you're gone without goodbyes. You bite me hard on one side to remember how you smile, awkward, and the way you laugh without reasons to cover up other feelings that arise. Rain, they called, the drops of hopes and dreams, fallen from far above to drench the faint of empty hearts. That's how I saw you. Reflection of tomorrow, the thin line between dark and dawn, the perfect silence. It's always gray and shady each time you poured down the earth, but soon after your runaway, fragile lights and weak beams will be slowly fade in. And I slowly breathe my pulse, feeling back alive. It might just a crush, or whatever people say in rush. You are my kinda rain, the radiant rain on a midday. For I await the rain to come, as I wonder will you ever want to ever share some. For the time being, I'll stand alone myself on a monologue under the mist.

For the time being.



outfit | ASOS oversized trench-coat / unbranded creme tube top / Cheap Monday black patent pants / Bellagio pale creme loafers / Bonvieux rounded leather sling-bag / The Little Things She Needs necklace

photography | @nicowijaya