Fashion Against Bullying

Last week in Jakarta I came for one fun, crazy photo session along with old and new pals from blogger or Lookbook in collaboration with What I Wear and their FAB campaign. Basically, FAB or Fashion Against Bullying is a growing movement started this year to speak out the notion of anti-bullying from people who enroll or engage in fashion atmosphere and its society. As representative, me and other friends were going to be featured in online and printed campaign with each of our stories. Believe it or not, MOST of people I met in the fashion community grew up with certain experiences of Bullying, whether consciously or unconsciously. And since we quite overcame ourselves with those bad experiences now, we decided to take part and encourage more people to be aware of any bullying statement happened to them and let them know that through their passion (either art, science, or fashion itself) they can produce or chase more valuable achievements than spending all of their time in fear or sadness. We associate certain negative words such as "Short", "Ugly", "Fat", "Chinese" and so on to show people that we were also getting negative judgment before. What made us different (and better) from those bullies are, we keep our head high and chin up, being a person who proud with their originality. 

Below are some pictures behind the scene : from the DIY tees in-the-making to the group photos.

So happy that I met new awesome people that day - Amril, Yudie, Adelle, Jensen, Melody, Genu, and Luthfi! It was the first day I met them and by the end of the day they knew me "quite well" until it becomes sarcastic (thanks to my "old" pals Ario, Olin and Anas).


 Arnold Teja had been sweet and cute as always... Quite the only one who didn't tease me that day. But I love everyone there, I love being among them! Thank you What I Wear for the great opportunity and great cause to support :)

PS : To know more about FAB by What I Wear, visit their site and follow them at @supportFAB now!