Le Gra Go Deo

In collaboration with Le Gra, a brand new clothing line by Linkan Adinda Palenewen and Nadya Novieta Lola, I present to you a touch of golds and simplicity on their beautiful white dress. Photographed by Dimas Hendrajaya - series of me me me me pictures! So prepared yourself not to be so bored seeing those photos (I was having quite a hard time selecting the best pictures out of maybe 200 shots Dimas excitedly took last time). Le Gra is an Irish words that means "With Love", so with all my love for you, I introduce the one and only : LE GRA.

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outfit Le Gra white dress / Vintage lace scarf / Flo apricot heels with golden bows / Grinitty gold floral ornament necklace