Searching Home

People can be lost sometimes. Either after facing troubles or getting through hard situations, there was this moment where one must stop for awhile and look at the surroundings - trying to picture everything in a bigger view and spotted the missing pieces of puzzle to get things back in shape. It could be the times where one felt completely confused, completely in vague. They said it's the time where soul-searching begins. It won't be easy, it never will be obvious. But what makes humans alive... are those downfall moments. Those bad days and those teary, sleepless night. Those nightmares and sudden-midnight-awake without no one to calm us down. Those sad sad times, all by ourselves. Those made us tell the difference of happiness and sorrow, of sweetness and bitter. I guess we are getting bad days for reasons, and even they put us down up to this maximum fatigue level, we always have one thing to keep on going : hopes. I am truly thankful, for being lost at the moment, or previously, so I could learn how to create my own faith. To learn about hopes and to not easily surrender. Really, we could make use of those days when we totally have no clue about living. It helps us to grow, and in my wishes, I'd like to grow love. It lends us strength. And by the end, those restless wanderers will find their home.

Hey, lost souls... You're never alone. :)