F.A.B : Against Bullying

So guys, remember when I posted some  behind-the-scenes pictures during my collaboration with Fashion Against Bullying (FAB) project last time? The website is now ON! They have launched the project this early week and I have to say I'm so-so-so glad to be a little part from the movement. Objected to help and support people (esp. fashion people) from getting any harmful damage from bullying acts, FAB and their latest project is bringing out fresh and positive ambiance for everyone who wants to grow more courage and dream into their future! 

We have many other bloggers along with myself, as post-bullied children who survived and now living our life with pride. Whether you have read my bullied stories last time, you could see how much I am thankful to have such experience. I could learn how to endure pain and stress, maybe way waaay better than anyone else who didn't get bullied. And it's like having a trial for being an adult, where more problems and dramas arise, so that I can say I'm doing fine so far. That is why, you better take a look at SupportFAB.com, and getting involved! This movement is just started, but it's getting big and I believe it will be useful for many young hearts out there who needs kind and loving hands to go on with their life.

Above are some cool posters from FAB and the last one (that featured my own pic haha) is the simple way of joining the movement : by decorating your white tee with FAB logo and any insult-words that you have been labelled with. Some awesome people has contributed on the move, and you may check out our high-resolution posters here if you want to download / share. Remember also we provide you with Survival Kit to read, print or share with others! Explore the site and hope you'll also love it as I do. If you have join, let me know - will be happy to check out and give shout-out :)

Create your own FAB-ULOUS moments now!