The Lilac Lady And Her Crown

photography myself

outfit | Gushcloud tee / Auburn & Ginger lilac tulle skirt / Lace platform heels from Lovelyshoes / handmade floral crown for 


Within the last weekend, I had spent some precious creative hours at home playing around with faux flower materials for haircrown-making, and dancing scissors to cut out my Gushcloud tee. If you wonder (well - I guess some of you must be because I asked you to join the site on my previous post), you may read about my Gushcloud story on the post below! Speaking of today's photography, I tried to make a batch of old-magazine-alike / vintage-photo-scanned / film-developed pictures to embrace the melancholic romanticism of Monday Blues I've been feeling today. I have some upcoming plans - make over plans, to be specific - and it ranged from dye my hair in bright bright color like lilac or ash-blonde, trying to add another piercing (and using it as reasons to buy some steel nose rings from perhaps, just couldn't help the temptation), and maybe trying to dress-up a bit Grunge-y. That sounds quite big no? Do you have any plans or resolution you'd like to do soon? Please do share, i'd love to hear!