Come Here Don't Be Shy

photography Widi Artono (@wedwedwed)

outfit | SUGARLIPS knitted cropped top / Bonvieux mustard pleated skirt / BERRYBENKA brown leather bag / Sellitoes floral mary-jane shoes (bought via @Gatestore)


Most of the time when I couldn't blog for days, I feel worried and anxious. It's been a habit, I guess, for around two and a half year - on and off, but I always drag myself back again and again to this little sharing activities without ever feeling stressed. There's some kind of invisible responsibility that I'm willing to accomplished - a sort of committed action I silently vowed not only to my readers, but also to myself. Some people wonders why I'm being too "serious" about it, while what I see isn't something seriously-driven but more of fun-and-passionately-motivated thing to do. I really, really love blogging! I love reading bunches of blogs about many different topics and I do spend too many time for that until I messed up my own routines most of the time. It is funny that now I want to tell more and more people about it - I used to be shy, and thought that my addiction to blogging is quite weird. But blogging has became a playground that raised a part of me, into someone I am now, someone way more grown-up than before. It has taught me a lot of simple lessons about life and opened my eyes to see wider, to understand diversity better.


What will I become without this world-web connection and electricity, I barely could imagine. So for some young girls that emailed me or shared to me about their wishes about making their own blog, all I can say is DO IT! Come here, join the community, don't be shy. Despite of those gloomy headlines in newspaper and hatred issues, we always can find some really good people out here. If you have started a blog, let me know, and I'll use the rest of my holiday to make more blog-friends for my little Lucedale! :)