photography Dimas Hendrajaya

outfit | JOVONNA LONDON mint peterpan top / MONT AFFAIR black floral skirt / H&M white flats / THE BAG LINE olive and white oversized satchel bag


Today wasn't really my day. Have just realized that sometimes, the universe conspire to remind you about things you have been trying your best to ignore. Maybe because it's a part of the infinite fate, maybe simply because we're not supposed to step away from 'the unfinished'. There's this power, invisible but illuminates, slither slowly into the holy consciousness, light up its dusty and abandoned corners to get them back alive. A power that some people called hopes. Living as a weak human being doesn't make us vulnerable towards everything. Lots of the time, weakness give reasons for dreams to creep in and fire up ambition. The mother of earth - the eternal mother of human soul, beseech this world to evolve in divers ploys, so that we keep come through multiple kinds of emotions. Knowing this, my restless mind perceived a lump of anger, a long held-in-the-heart wrath and weary sighs. I'm jaded, I do. Until the sun arise and do those witty dance among the cloudy skies, there will be a pause where my soul climb up this dark hollow and switch on the hopes-button active again. Until then.