Life Update : Lately

1. I have been re-arranged my bedroom for the sake of my raising boredom level. Books and laces are out and displayed, meanwhile by online I bought some new prints to hang on the wall later on. The second picture showed my new favorite reading corner with some of my old suitcases below the mini table. I love the warmth!

2. My very kind Otousan (my mother's bestfriend, actually) has been one of my best source to buy new vintage finds from Japan. I got some of them shipped from Yokohama last month, arrived last week, and all I can say is I'm such a lucky one. Otousan's wife (I called her Okaasan) is damn good and she understands my style preference so well. I'm a sucker for cute sweater and long-sleeves blouses, that's the two basic things. So this first batch is definitely my current favorite. I can't wait to wear them!

3. LOL! Above is a screenshot still image from a music video where I become one of the talent. I was helping out my friends, they're making a cover song in Youtube and asking me if I have free time to join them. So there I am, looking pissed off hahahaha. I kind of like this photo because I don't usually look that angry, you know, I'm more to gloomy-smiley-geeky one at most. The video is launched, if you'd like to see


, but don't expect much! It's good but it's not for commercial industry or anything.

4. I'm still spending some of my between-college-preparation to make new batches of floral-based accessories. Sadly Phoebe got a new permanent job so she couldn't join me in Clarabelle anymore... Do you think I need a new name for the brand? Or stick with Clarabelle? Mom suggest using my blog name, Lucedale. I was thinking about another name like Claire&Luce, Luce (meh), claraandluce, but never satisfied enough with being stuck using my own name. I guess I need more options - or fresh air and holiday!