One Fine Day

photography Widi Artono | @wedwedwed

outfit | PICNIC Floral open-back dress / Mary-jane shoes from Korea / PEPA LOVES chained woven bag / INSPIRED BY LUCE flower hair-crown / Topshop vintage pendant  


Summer and spring spirit has saved my life. I know I might seemed a bit bitter lately, from the way I dressed-up and writings I made... There was such phase of downfall, in everyone's circle of days, and I think I'm gladly survived mine recently. How? Tons of reads, lots of creative hours (making haircrown, sketching, cutting new inspiration boards filling), some cheesy drama movies and DVD nights followed by weeping-to-sleep repetition. Well those, cups of hot chocolate and lots of shoulder-tap from good friend! Also, I gained back some great blog-walking hours since I spent most of my time at home or libraries. That's where I got all things summery and spring-bright ideas, unconsciously injected to my sensible vein and successfully delivered to the tired brain. I started to feel much better! In the other parts of the world, humans are having their many different kind of life in many different ways, but every emotions that shine from their stories send me (and I believe bunch of other strangers out there) silent support for our own struggle. By only reading posts, seeing pictures, browsing like mad. Summer and spring in the west, also everything with sun flares and flower petals, are my current favorite things now... Which is also the reason behind my outfit today. The dress is sent by my kind sponsor, PICNIC, and I love it because it has the cutest peterpan-collar on its black-based floral pattern. I also wore a bag that my best-blogging friend Iris sent me from Spain - the brand is Pepa Loves and I can't stop admiring the lovely polkadot lining on its edge. Last, I made a blue and lilac flower-crown that matched with the outfit's palette! So my outfit musing today is pretty much everything I choose to represent the blossoming spirit I experience. It was a very fine day for me, and I hope yours are too! Thank you if you're still reading up to this part, it feels good to share. Sending you sunshine dust and sweet clouds for tomorrow!


P.S. : The hair-crown will be available for purchase (along with other choices) in the blogshop this weekend... you can bookmark the shop address here for early shopping!