Travel : Fika The Sweddish Cafe, Singapore

I can't believe I have never posted these beautiful memories of me and my friend while we were having a ladies dinner-date at my favorite Swedish cafe in Singapore - Fika! It's been back at the early of February 2012, when my hair was still on its Auburn spirit. I didn't know what happened back then until I couldn't post the pictures (I guess I was being grounded by my parents that time... or got into sorta troubles!), but since I found them on my hard-disk and I've been sick for few days (without any outfit posts update), I guess I'd share the story this time!  

On my last Singapore short-trip with my beautiful babies Michelle Hendra and Marcella Caroline, we managed to set a date with our beloved best-blogger-and-real-life-friend Fhenny. We decided to go to Fika and had ourselves dressed-up in that night's dresscode : dark blue and black. I thought that colors will be gorgeous to be worn on that all-white cafe. And it were. Look at my ladies!

Fhenny of Style Frontier - Marcella Carolin of Carolsletter - Michelle Hendra of Miss Chelle


We had some nice meals - I picked my favorite sweddish hash, Fhenny ordered the famous meatball. Michelle got herself omelette... While Olin had tea and brownies (no wonder she's so slim!).

Besides exchanging and updating our own life's stories (and a weebit of gossips), we did what every bloggers loved to do when visiting places - making photo frenzy!! Fika has the perfect background for that. Their photo frame walls!

photography Marcella Caroline, Michelle Hendra, Fhenny, and some staffs at Fika

outfit | Bonvieux dark blue brocade dress / Symbolize bag / Michelle's marine-theme ring / UP Pandora Nude shoes

It was lovely and memorable date I'd like to repeat again and again. Sometimes it's not about where and how, but with whom we had spent our quality time with. And I missed the girls so much on my remote, packed daily routines now... But the struggle will give chances for future holiday together again, and I'd be so much looking forward to that day. 

P.S.: If you'd like to visit Fika, here's the address : 257 Beach Road, Singapore +63969096 | Official Site here