Travel : Macau 2012

photography my dearest Mom

outfit | MYFASHIONISTAS top / Cloth-Inc polkadot skirt / Le Bunny Bleu New York leather loafers with tassels / ZARA black embossed leather satchel / Newly-bought H&M floppy hat with golden leaves / Vintage FOSSIL watch


"OH LOOK! She's alive and back to blogging!" - I imagine this line came across my reader's mind when they see my updated blog link appeared. Apologize dear friends, since I have been such a terrible one when it comes to scheduling. It's damn hard to keep being consistent while your 24 hours got to be divided into multiple ways for torturing the soul by fulfilling mechanical tasks due to academic demand and easily offended parents. However I finally managed to post some pictures from my last holiday.

(in this case, quite a sad thing to remember, because it's been great and I wonder when I finally could have a holiday again if this thesis seemed never gonna end...)

....and since Hongkong pictures are tons to choose, I'll share my Macau outfit first! This tiny country has the best mix of Chinese meets Portugiese culture, with old-time sense in every corners, so I got the chance to pull out some long-sleeves and floppy hat (Hongkong was too hot). I missed the feeling of wearing tight skinny jeans and oversized top! But a girl sometimes need to dress like a little lady. 

Well, the best thing to think about this whole trip is, I am blessed. Universe has been so kind, and I'd love to share the blessings with you! Wait for the coming post where I'll write about another great things you would love. Meanwhile, have a sweet day :)