Listen, The Snow Is Falling

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outfit | Topshop white dress with embroidery / Topshop white lace tights / T-straps medium heels from Lovely Shoes Inspired by Luce little tinkerlily haircrown


Little life update! Today's mood has been influenced by Yoko Ono (without her Lennon, because this Yoko is a single lady!) and I brought you some of my favorite things on the list. Started with my guitar, my fairy cards, my lace tights, and my ultimate journal from Gogirl Magazine! The weather seemed to be a bit happy for my growing productivity - suddenly it started to stay raining all the day, makes me stay on my room and do things I like while enjoying simple relaxation : hot drinks (creme tea and chocolate!), sweet snacking (homemade pancakes), reading oracle cards (guidance from the fairies and angels) plus lots of hand-writing notes on my new journal. I have posted before about my excitement for having the journal because it's handy and full of cute templates inside, makes you keep writing over and over. I can say that this is one of my favorite way for spending time alone. It heals, and instead of making me lazy, the weather is actually kind of driving me to some significant creative points!