My Weekend Journal

Photography Phoebe Isabella

Outfit | OASAP knitted sweater / Selittoes Dominic Tan flats / Unbranded legging / ASOS Crown embelished sling bag


I'm having a little runaway this weekend with Phoebe and our best brother Lambok Sinaga (who usually happened to be my photographers, both of them) to a resort near the town. This is partly a job, where we have to take some pictures for the company and maybe get a short holiday as well in between! Lucky that I could create a simple working space there, to keep updating my current academic research and the blog during our stay. I will definitely post more about this beautiful place later - something picturesque, and modestly enchanting. Relate to that I must say that I tend to dress up very casual lately, try to save as much time as possible, and hate to deal with complicated styling that will lead to messed-up closets and last-minute decision making. So be it - my lazy weekend attire!

Oversized sweater and legging and flat shoes aaaand tiny tiny sling bag. I also happily carried my new journals from Gogirl! Magazine - the Indonesian leading teen-fashion magazine that has just released their adorable 2013 journals in the most lovable pastel tribal pattern and instagram-styled picture collage as the options. I like having journals I can easily put inside the bag without any hassle regarding volume and/or weight factors. The journals also got colorful pages inside with cute writing templates that will definitely made you wanna fill them in over and over again! The magazine also has shopping-related issue we all would instantly love to read. Drag yourself over their official site for further info or buy the latest edition in your nearest bookstore! Now excuse me because I need to take some quiet time making new year plans on my journal please. See you in a bit!