Catching Rainbow

photography Nico Wijaya

outfitCloth-Inc lace bralette top / Cloth-Inc polkadot flare skirt / Vintage tartan coat / H&M hat / Vintage leather sandals via


As promised, today I finally able to get my new-year pictures from the photographer. Last new year eve we spent the night having a private party with bunch of friends then drove the car to the beach around 2AM, trying to catch the sunrise! There were soooo many people who camped at the beach so we went a bit far from the usual, to the Southern coast, and stopped at Wedi Ombo (it's one of the nicest beach in my town with golden sands and beautiful waves). It was quiet and lovely there, so we sit around and have some coffees while waiting the sun to showed up. It's been raining the whole week so we weren't that optimist... Skies were dark and gray shades surrounded us, ready to spill another flood of raindrops. But a very good sign happened : we found rainbow! TWO RAINBOWS!

( low-res pics! it was hard to catch the rainbow without making myself into silhouette! and i can't help not to dance a bit... )

Sometimes you search for the sun, but life gave you rainbows. Sometimes you thought things are going worse, but in the end they become your greatest blessings. Everything we assume may not be final, so don't lose hope and keep having faith.

It might have been a week since the first day of the year, but it's still new and fresh! I hope everyone of us will finally find our own rainbow that can delight any most bitter moment with its enchanting beauty. HAPPY NEW YEAR!