I Don't Want To Spoil The Party

photography mom

outfit | Chichi UK sequined prom dress / Vintage velvet purse / The Blush Inc leather biker jacket / Unbranded velvet shoes with carved wooden heels, a gift from Japan


Happy New Year 2013!

Thank you so much for sticking with me, no matter how careless I am and how many times I couldn't visit back to your blog. The year was quite hard, and I'm glad I survived on both personal life and blogging routines. I dedicated this post to celebrate the year 2013, of which we all have been waiting for, and hopefully ready to. There were several moments back in last year where I realised I wanted this blog to be more than my virtual diary - I want to professionally manage this journal and help many people to get answers or inspirations in some fields that I understand. I've got lots of help from people in the blogging community, so why not continuing the sharing cycle?  Therefore I'll make some changes in this blog anytime soon, and hope to do many more things in the following.

Next, is about my outfit - because my outfit always got story behind, this time I try to mix a look that could represent my 2013 theme : classic meets grunge. As everyone's style is evolving, I did explore here and there a little bit, and find a new love on everything grunge (presumably because of my love to 60s psychedelic rock musics that gets bolder and bolder now). But the rest will be forever and always vintage. I'm pretty sure I'll be playing a lot with styles this year as I'll be graduating soon from the university, and got plenty of time doing home business and projects I love! So I hope to see you a lot more this year, and may you'll blessed with infinite happiness throughout the year 2013! Bisous! xx

*title is a song from The Beatles.