Let Today Happens

Tame Impala / Bat for Lashes / Yeasayer / Polica / Kimbra / Divine Pits / Clouds Nothing / Gotye / Real Estate - Image via Google


I'm back in Singapore again since last Friday. For finishing a project I've been doing since early January. But of course I sneak out for a bit of happiness, by dragging myself to Laneway Festival at January 26th. And seeing live performances from 10 of my favorite musicians above, right from the front line barriers. All of them has created such a magical experience to me, in many different ways. Spending time with special persons when watching them performing, singing along some songs I spent my previous moments before, multi-replaying their playlist on my phone this morning. They are wonderful, wonderful influence in this trip I have. It's such a bliss! And speaking of the event, since I still have to work today... pictures from the event will be posted in the coming update soon. Can't wait to share!


Some thoughts, stroke me this morning, bring up some lessons I believe valuable. I woke up and think, It takes forever to find out what life means. Sometimes we feel confused and lost, trying to figure out why certain things happened to us. I'm currently in the mood of "changing" myself, too - many different surprises came and some people gone, new blessings received as much as given struggles I bear lately. Everything seems fluctuating and inconsistent. But soon I realise... There's no need to hurry at all. If it takes forever to find out a life means, then make it forever lasting journey of understanding. Just let it be. We don't always have to understand everything that's still happening. Or trying to seek anything that can represent security for us in the future. Just let go all of the defence and dive in. Fill the anxiety. Be confused and see the mess. Dig deeper and come closer to the core of your own true inner heart. Then have a nice, and friendly conversation with yourself. Take sometime to listen before you start talking strategically to respond the situation. You're one beautiful soul, that deserve every single sparks of this universe. And those sparks existed in every single moment. So breathe in, and exhale slowly. 

The future is whatever we think it will be. And either its bad or good, it will happen anyway. But if you keep spending the time to think about the future, you're going to lose your current moments. So stop worrying - enjoy the moment of now, of the present. Don't let tomorrow steal today. Let today happens in your life, be very conscious of its presence! Everything will, eventually, be completely just fine.