Fresh Cut

Yes, I cut my hair short. Maybe the shortest ever since I was in my elementary school, so to speak. For me, to take decision whether I should or should not cutting my hair is not always easy - but when I did, it always be a decision I never regret. Hair will grow. With my previous long hairstyle, I shared and witnessed many stories and many things - but some stories has to be end and lots of things are changing, so then my hairstyle can be evolved, too. "It's just a hair," some people said. Well, sometimes it's more than just growing hair. It's about re-inventing yourself through being brave - how many times we're in doubt when we're about to cut our long hair? Lots of people end up cutting just a tiny bit and save their wishes to have a completely different cut for another time in disguise.

It's not only about hair. I cut my hair just right in time on one of the biggest transition in life I've ever have to encountered. I challenged myself - should I keep growing my long but dry, fragile hair for the sake of my fearful tiny heart? Or should I listen to what I want and get a fresh cut, starting over everything in a healthier way. I decide to be brave, and I will not regret doing something I've always wished to do. I cut my hair back in Singapore on the last day of January - and between the talks, the very kind hairdresser said, "This life is pretty much like your hair... My hair, everyone's hair. When they grow healthy and beautiful, you keep them on. But sometimes they just went wrong and dry, damaged, hurting... You just cut them off. You need to, right? In relationship, love and friends and dreams. Just believe that even you cut them for many times, they will keep growing when you let them to.

Now you wonder, why did I cut my hair and why this has to deal with life? Well, every tiny option we made in life, they matter. It can be only about my hair or more, but all I can say is, when you want to see changes in your life... Start making them. With good, positive intention.

And do not regret. :)