My Funny Valentine

Photography Nico Wijaya -


Outfit | (ME) Vintage silk blouse / Vintage pleated skirt / H&M polkadot tights / TOPSHOP bow flats / Unbranded sling-bag | (PHOEBE) Vintage blouse / PRETTY YOUNG THINGS Floral Blazer / AYEDENIM slim cut jeans / Vintage tennis shoes / INSPIRED BY LUCE Leather mini suitcase / GRINITTY bowler hat


Being both single (and somewhat kind of broken-hearted), me and my bestfriend Phoebe decided to play a role as partner to one another. This time, special for Valentine's Day, I became the girl and she's my very beautiful "boy". Wearing outfit with similar tones, we hang out and took lots of cute pictures around while realised how much we can just be grateful for everything. Lovers are everywhere - we found affection from our friends, our family members, our pets, our communities - and especially, OURSELVES. No matter how important having "the most" special someone is, everyone else matters too. And to completely have ourselves, being content on our very own, matter more as we prepare and wait to be with someone else completely - probably someday soon. Just never lose yourself while busy searching for love. Real love should be liberating, not exploiting. Meanwhile we can always have a little fun by trying to share more love to people around us sincerely. Because what is happiness when not shared, right? I'm truly wishing you a very sweet Valentine, with both of those loved ones you can, or can not, be with right now. 


Clara & Phoebe