Blue Saturday




Pepaloves dress / Vintage Aigner bag / Zara heels / Vintage necklace & watch from / H&M lace tights / Unbranded tweed blazer bought in HK

My cousin is getting married today. We used to spend our childhood time together, but then grew up in different city, so there's an awkward kind of familiarity when finally we meet again for the wedding. The time when you pause the time frames on your mind and looking back into those fine old days, collecting particles of memory, feeling odd for the sake of those forgotten past. If it wasn't for his wedding, I would have completely forgetting those times. How sad it is, to be forgotten? To end up being ignored, eventhough once before they were flames and sparks of our life. Funny things to recall on someone's wedding really, beside giving me excuse for wearing this lovely cutout dress and styling my hair in light-bouffant up-do with tiny fringe rolls. Blue saturday feels good so far... Wish you're having a sweet one too.