Suddenly 60's

photography Nico Wijaya

A couple days before my blog anniversary, I received one wonderful package from 8WOOD. I've heard about this brand quite a fair time ago, but wasn't really got any chance to buy their products because of school. And school's task, school's deadline, school's everything. In fact I wasn't really buy things beside books or coffees lately... But then I graduated (another story) this week and by coinsidence, got to engaged in my very first collaboration with 8WOOD. The interesting part is Alice, the beautiful lady who owns the brand, was offering me a wonderful mod-style dress in fuschia. Part of me got so excited to wear the dress, when the other part was worried because I never really dare to wear any bright colors before. I'm a little safe in the pale and basic tones. So when the dress arrived, I was ready to feel inconfident. Surprisingly it turned out to be very comfortable and can be easily paired with my current favorite tartan skirt, so I went preppy and make a beehive-attempt on my half-tied hair to get the 60's inspired look complete. Thank you Alice Norin and 8WOOD, for the sweetest gift. It was fun to try something new each time! New book to read (can't get enough of Susan Sontag's hidden pieces of treasure), new shopping experience (finding out Roaman webstore and their plus-size collection, for example) and of course new favorite song to buy (because Sky Ferreira is amazing). And starting from this very bright August, there will be so many new things coming to this blog (that will relate to you, especially!). I'm really excited to share the whole things with you soon!


{OUTFIT} | 8WOOD ( Peterpan Fuschia dress, worn as top / Old Navy Tartan Mini Skirt / Vintage purse /

Platform Wooden Shoes, gifted from N.Y.L.A. / MAKE UP FOREVER Creme Eye-shadow Travel Palette

Location TIP TOP Ice Cream Parlor (Jl. Mangkubumi - Jogja)