Bir Hakiem

photography Jonathan Thiele

It's funny how life brought you into different kind of surprises when you don't expect them at all. During my stay in Paris, I was completely saved by Anastasia and Jonathan, who made me go to places I will never find if I travel alone. The impulsive turn to Bir Hakiem that day was one of the little surprise because while chasing another side of Eiffel, we found the location from one of our favorite scene in Inception the movie (geek-mode, sorry)! It was a small thing, but I'd like to think about it as the way Universe show me that our life is built from tiny pieces of magical moment. Could be a coinsidence, an unexpected outcome, a meaningful spontanity. All of those small details that lead us to gracefulness, be grateful for them. As I was grateful to remember that outfit I wore, because it had Daisy-prints and pastel knitted sweater and gold vintage purse - my favorite kind of things! I hope you enjoy the pictures too. x

{OUTFIT} | H&M knitted sweater in baby blue - H&M maroon woolen coat - Miroir daisy-printed skirt - Topshop tights - Vintage Purse - Vintage ankle leather shoes