Purple Power

When receiving a beautiful piece of clothing, I always feel like dressing up in a complete romantic mood to fits the nostalgic girly-ness that a dress can bring. But living in a big city like Jakarta, you don't really find a romantic background easily. Not to mention the whole tropical atmosphere that made your classic dress like an old-age artifact. I almost casually paired the dress with casual flats and taking pictures from the house when my boyfriend offered me an afternoon walk around his place. I put on my vintage hat and get my red-wine heels for the hope of getting a nice shooting place, and we did. There's a nice park without anyone around (maybe because it wasn't preferable to stay outside during fasting month) and we took several photos there. The result was quite wonderful.

photography Fajar Prabowo

Sometimes we easily give up on doing what we want because "growing up" isn't always a place for exploring dreams. But if we keep trying and pushing the creativity forward, we can find a corner where dreamers can harvest their wishes - started from a small beginning. Just like letting classic-romaticism grew even when the whole surrounding begs you to be tropical-realistic. True story.


{OUTFIT} |YUAN CLOTHING purple floral dress / Vintage purse with gold chain / Vintage hat bought via Etsy.com / NEW LOOK red wine mary-jane / TOPSHOP pendant / H&M knuckle rings