Living Loving Class x KittyKitz x Lucedale : Play With Flowers!

Last August end, on Saturday the 30th, I collaborated with one of my favorite blog LIVINGLOVING and my new crafty blogger-friend KITTYMANU to held a short-workshop on flowers called Living Loving Class : Play With Flowers. The event was held on Jungle Audio Post Kemang and divided into two sessions for about 28 participants. I have joined their event before, the Living Loving's Afternoon Delight, so the second experience is less nerve-wrecking. On this event, Nike and Miranti from Living Loving were becoming our deared hosts, while Kitty taught the participant about how to make their own flower corsage (fresh!). My part is to make flower-crowns from fresh flowers... And as you can see above, I made a collage out of everyone's happy faces after they finished the workshop and wearing their own DIY Flower Crown + Corsage! It was such a wonderful day filled with pretty mess, delicious cookies, new friends and warm interactions.

My picture can't exactly representing the wonderful atmosphere, but I surely do still remember how fine the day was. LIVINGLOVING and KITTYMANU are regularly hosting workshops and/or creative gathering. Visit their blog and subscribe to their newsletter if you want to get notification about upcoming classes! Also, for more pictures about the event, check out THIS post or follow them on Instagram (@livinglovingnet/@kittymanu). I'd surely be more addicted to such crafty gathering. See you on the next event!