To Draw A Bird


A couple days ago, Kitty from - my crafty friend - was asking if I want to learn how to draw and try the bird-watching activity with her new friend Paulo from Portugal. Paulo is a bird-enthusiast and environment activist who happened to stay for a while in Indonesia to work with the people at Burung Indonesia Foundation ( and he's an avid illustrator. I was never good on drawing - EVER - in my life, but learning how to draw and bird-watching sounds like a perfect Sunday getaway for me, so I said yes. Knowing that the gathering will be interesting for someone who actually can draw, I ask my bestfriends Dimas and Aji to tag along. We met at Kridaloka Park, Senayan, and after a quick introduction we all try to spot a bird on top of the trees using binoculars. It was damn hard! I barely can see anything (How can I? All I see are leaves and branches...) but Paulo assisted us and catch the bird using his own camera for us to see.

There, we spot one little Ruby-cheeked Sunbird on one of the branch. The tiny bird is so cute and still! We took several zoomed-images on our camera and/or phone, then we continue to draw her based on the photos.

I have to say that I really can't draw. HAHAHA. Like, literally suck at drawing. But I made friends with the right dudes, you see, who know how to paint like a pro. Dimas and Paulo even add watercolors on their illustrations. Arghhh!

photography Myself, Kitty Manu and Dimas Hendrajaya

Eventhough I sucked at my own drawings, I had such a lovely afternoon. Spending sunset hours in the park, somewhere beneath the tall and cold buildings surround, is quite a delightful way to enjoy Sunday. Hope yours were also as sweet as the daisies print on my dress too. Dear Kitty, if you read this, thank you for asking me out to draw a bird and end up showing me how to draw a memory. Bisous!

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