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Should We Stop Blogging?

Should We Stop Blogging?

It's been more than eight years, last August, when I congratulate myself to another "blog-anniversary" (they used to say it bloggyversary back then). There was this brief moment when I was waiting for my Uber to arrive where I remember all of the simple things that brought me to love blogging at the first place. The supportive community, the blog template that always-changing, reading people's comment, reading someone else's daily life, meeting up in real life with a blogger friend, stacking pictures in my draft box to post... Everything about blogging fascinates me. It used to, and it still does. And counting my 8th years of blogging, I feel much lonelier now since I don't get to do blog-walk anymore. What happened? Where are those people I used to call 'blogfriends' now? I missed them, and I missed our connections.

In my case, I know what's been happening: growth.

Growth brought change in many levels including to my little platform (that once used to titled "Sunflares Plethora", before I started to name it Lucedale), where I originally began to commercialize my blog content. The rise of the digital era made everything we make as an online content becoming a valuable commodity, which sometimes allows us to earn some amount of money from. It was great, and it helps me to find my place as a full-time digital influencer along with many other opportunities (getting my first job, getting a global client, traveling for work - but that's another story I gotta tell next time).

Being paid for blogging is tempting. Being busy and learning about how we can create online content for advertisement is interesting. But there was a downside from this phenomenon too: I lost my connection with my blog. I became too busy I didn't write as often, and most of the time my updates will be full of advertorial. It makes me sad to look at my own page because there's lack of personality on it - I didn't want to admit it, but yes, it happens. Instagram took so much of my day that I become too lazy to create a blog story. Snapchats took so much time and gone within 24 hours, so there never seemed enough hours to satisfy its users. Social events were held almost every day - they made me got home super late at nights, directly hitting the sack each time. No time to read, no time to write.

And I miss the blog, so much.

A couple of times I hit myself with a question: Should I stop blogging? Do people read blogs anymore, and preserving the slower way of digesting shared stories the way we did before? Since every information are spread faster than bullets and more platforms offering advanced interactivity, do I need to just give up already on blogging?

Every single time I try to assess how I feel about this situation, and every single time too, I know: I'd never stop.

The incredible technology growth has brought such improvement in cutting off distances - we can not only talk with our family or friends who lived far from us, but we also are allowed to get closer to everybody else's life more than ever. Yes, we can see what Selena Gomez's doing at this moment, seeing her Snaps. We can tune into Adam Levine's rehearsal, streaming straight on Periscope live. There are also many Youtubers who can take you on their shopping spree, live, answering your comments live as if you're being in the same room together.

This hyper-connectivity brought us to a particular habit of life where we get overly-absorbing collective consciousness in a minuscule-but-fast repetition of time. We watch stories and judging easily. We see perfect pictures with a short wise-to-be caption; then we get jealous quickly. We read a sad story that needs attention, but then we forget to care when we slide to the next tweet - because it has super cute kitten gif, and it such a less burden on our heart.

Within the buzzing speed of this so-called digital society, slowing down is what we need to create a better - at least more careful - understanding towards everything.

Blog posts are the kind of article that takes time. It takes time to be written; it usually comes in longer paragraphs and more detailed chronology. It carries more structured explanations and often appeals for more thoughtful comments. All because everything is slower, in the blogging world. Thoughts are made through the slower writing process; stories are compiled through the more leisurely itinerary. And within the buzzing speed of this so-called digital society, slowing down is what we need to create a better - at least more careful - understanding towards everything. Slowing down is what I need. And a blog, apart from other social media, has that power to help us maintaining a healthier portion of being connected, by being simply slower (and simpler).

I've been blogging for eight years now, and you know what? I still love blogging so much. I fucking love it.

So in the midst of creating more Instagram likes or raising Youtube followers, let's reconnect through our blogs. I still have my whole faith of blogosphere needed to be restored, and this Sunday I invite you to come along.

As a closing, I'd love to give you my current favorite daily read from the sphere - they're women I adore online that turned into real friends in real life. They inspired me deeply through their blogs and creativity, so for a start of my return-commitment in the blogging world, let me introduced you to them:


A mother, a photographer, a writer, a friend. Andra Alodita offers a positive way of seeing life, in a way that is honest and modest. I esp. love her tiny stories where she talked about simple phenomenon in her daily life. Wonderful to read.


This is a blog that understand feelings. As much as I want to deny it, I'm a hopeless romantic - with an edge. And Hanny's blog is just a perfect render for my emotional thirst. Be careful not to cry when reading her writings during mellow hours!

The sweetest duo for eveything that makes home. Reads on creativity, decor, motherhood, craft, and life on general. What I love about them most is their purity of seeing things. Follow the journey of Nike and Miranti, everybody.

A journal of beautifully-documented travels and books that I found really essential to read during any hectic routine. This young and witty couple, Maesy-Teddy, creates a pairing write like no other. Please say Hi to them.

Being engaged in the digital world is necessary - everything is integrated now, and there's nothing wrong with using multi social media accounts to stay connected. What's worth considering more is the way we arrange our online rhythm - when to create, when to consume, when to take a break. And personally, I come to a conclusion that blogging is somehow fitted my idea of a proper sharing method: the one that allows me to prepare my content carefully, enjoying the writing process, and designing an outcome that's not only entertaining but also thoughtful.

Since I've been away for a while, would you share your favorite blogs with me so we can exchange favorites? And if you're a fellow blogger, leave me your blog address so we can start visiting one another. Please connect with me - not for the sake of exposure, but for real bonding between human beings.

In the meantime... Breathe. :)

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