Studio Update and A Little Orange Play


Within the past two months, I’ve traveled back and forth to my hometown for more than six times already. We're building a new studio for Lucedale in Jogja, my hometown. Work, family, relationship, business - all of them have pulled me into their gravity which coincidentally took place in similar territory. Maybe it’s the mild weather and breezy afternoon they have here, or something about the all-sweet-tasted culinary; but I find myself enjoying the city more and more each time. I’ve moved to the capital for 4 years and around, but the city didn’t change as much as I do. Like a newborn, I started to see everything differently. I started to dress up casually, but still within a context of being “me”. I also, started to be able to relax and living the moment more consciously. If there’s a word to describe, it’s probably: Fit. I’m fitting into myself.


I used to be afraid of wearing orange colors, but as soon as I feel more comfortable with myself, bright colors seem fine to try. It really explains the idea that being fit into your own paradigm can lead to more meaningful encounters: if I’m confident with my style, I can focus on seeing the good in others. If I feel special and enough, I’d embrace others to be the same. If I forgive myself, I’d find reason not to hold grudge against one another.


Here are three things I practice daily, that somehow leads me to fit in: first, I’d surrender. To the traffic or fast routine, to the slow-living and unfamiliarity; I decided to let myself blend in. That way I can see the circumstances better without being defensive. Secondly. I’d challenge myself to see my imperfection as a blessing. By being thankful over everything that becomes part of my personality, I learn to be humble and spend less time worrying about whether I’m already perfect or not. And last, I try to really soaked in the moment. Every second of life that I live, I consciously be at, and feel, the happening things. It helps me understand that every small thing matters, no matter how mundane they could be - the air, the sun, the bees, the cats on the street.

Life becomes interesting when you’re fitting into yours completely. 

And once you’re in, you’d feel the support that you need.
Stay connected with yourself.

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