If you stumbled upon this blog, that means our stars have crossed somewhere up above; possibly thousand years back. Some things change, but it's always nice to see a familiar face.

Let me wander with you.

50's Polkadot Dress

50's Polkadot Dress

If there's any easiest way to looking nice in such a simple way, go find yourself a piece of cute dress. You can't go wrong with that. Without fancy bags or any kind of layering, a good dress has its own statement spoken already. I found this midi light-brown polkadot dress few weeks ago while exploring E-bay with my mom. I though I should cut off some part and make it shorter or smaller, but when I tried it... It was just perfectly fit in me. I fell in love over it and it's one of my closet's favorite now!


I wore : vintage 50's dress - Japan, Ebay / vintage ring - paragon, Sg / scallop-sided flats - Lawrensia


Here are my best friends. Photos were taken during our fun sleepover night last time in Mercure. As I receive several frequently asked questions from my readers, I'd make a little Q&A part in this post too. When your questions aren't here yet, it will be on the next post!

1. Are you half-Indonesian and half-other-Asian-countries ?

No, I'm truly Indonesian. Mom has a Chinese descendant from Thailand and maybe that explains my un-classified look, but actually I always feel that my face is Indonesian enough! This is a wonderful homeland for me and despite of all my complains about it or other people's ramblings over it, this place is Home. And yes I'm a proud Indonesian :)

2. Do you sew? All your handmade dresses is your own sewing results?

Yes I do sew, but not every of my non-industrial clothing are my own works. I live in one house with my grandmother, who taught me how to hand-sew and using the sewing machine... Most of my dresses are basically the results of our collaboration. I always design my clothes, but I still need to learn a lot about sewing techniques and pattern-making (I'm also sucks when it comes about measurements). So that's why I used the word "homemade", because the clothes are a product that me and my granny made together, at home. She's a genius and I love spending time with her!

3. People think that vintage means cheap clothes. What makes you love vintage-fashion a lot?

I love vintage fashion because it fits me in a perfect way. I never experience any greater passion other than my interest to those past epoch movement and old songs, old pictures, old clothes. So basically I don't really mind with those people who think that vintage is cheap. My mom always said that if we're smart, being classy and elegant mustn't need to cost a lot. So I shop based on my taste. Sometimes I need to pay such a high-cost for a vintage find when it's really rare and came from a known-brand (like old Dior, Ferragamo or Clairbone), so it doesn't literally cheap... But I think why people bother anyone wearing or buying cheap clothes? Remember money can't buy taste, and it's your attitude that determine the way people perceive you. I personally never care about this pricing matter actually. Fashion is fun, it's free, it teach us to appreciate the universal artworks people create. So I'd say screw the fashion police! Wearing a million-cost bag or shoes never guarantee you are a wearing it as a happy person. :)

4. I don't like people copy my style, so I hesitate to make a blog. Don't you afraid people are dressing-up like you because you share your style?

An honest advice, my dear, don't blog to make people worship you or love your style then hoping them not to 'copy' your style. You'll never really know where they get the inspirations from, and don't we all also got ourselves inspired by other people too, right? If you find a person who somehow look-up to you, for instance, just be positive! It's another kind of compliments. And if you really know what your signature style, you won't be worried about having somewhat "competitors". If you take blogging and styling-up as competitions... You'll be stressed out. Enjoy. Spread Love. Make friends!

So. Four answers should be enough for now... If you're still reading, thanks a lot! I'm happy to share my latest face cleaning-set that I received from Oriflame this week... Which I have tried and find it useful for dealing with my skin-combination problem. I take some photos of me while doing the cleaning rituals... Just if you wonder :D

Floral Garden

Floral Garden

60's Halter Dress

60's Halter Dress