If you stumbled upon this blog, that means our stars have crossed somewhere up above; possibly thousand years back. Some things change, but it's always nice to see a familiar face.

Let me wander with you.

60's Halter Dress

60's Halter Dress

Another homemade dress now. This is a 60's inspired new dress, the

simplification of the Marylin's white halter boom-bang that time, with shorter length and basic black color with white lining. All I wish was that I could add a volume-curl on my hair, and some red lipstick touch. But no, I couldn't make it - so I made this simple side-braid from my medium-shortie hair.


dress : homemade | bag : cacophony | shoes : haji lane, singapore

In my last mini holiday to Singapore, I had to visit the Universal Studio once again - for the sake of my little sister. I knew it were going to be another hot-hot-heat day, so I wore this dress. For getting the 60's vibe I had my hair styled in halfback (when the top of your hair is ponytail and the half-rest is just down). I brought my Holga and its first roll of film ever, and now I learned to


opening the lens-cover before taking photos... Many blackout photos I result. So much a newbie.


And one more fun thing was the playful meet-up with my beloved blogger

Gilbert Ganda

! He came and joined us for the rest of the day. So happy to see him, even though I will never ever going to believe when he says rollercoasters are safe. I was deadly suffocated and dying on my boiled adrenaline rush when I went for one ride of the Monster rollercoaster with him. Notice how old I was in sudden.


One thing that made me glad was despite of the fact that I feel much old lately, I knew deep inside me - and everyone of us - that inner spirit of child are never going to fade out. For once we might realize that growing up is sooner come, we all will never leave that silly feeling of being young - easily amaze about something new, play out and run and laugh all day long, do some stupid things and throw lame jokes with our friends, buying cute stuff or collecting toys... and what most important thing is,

dream wild

. Children have big dreams, infinite hopes, wicked imagination. Something that probably we forgot how. Something that maybe we can remember now.

50's Polkadot Dress

50's Polkadot Dress

(not) an end

(not) an end