You're My Half Sunny Day

photography Mom

outfit | PICNIC dress / vintage floppy hat from Lucky Vintage Seattle  / woolen coat from She Inside / vintage tapestry bag / vintage velvet belt / custom-made t-strap shoes for 


Today was half-sunny, half before the day was left gloomy by the end of lights. I met you just before the eyes, trying to steal as much as a heart beat could bear. Those familiar smiles, those witty stares. I found you looked at me in the way I thought you wouldn't do. In a gaze, I know some parts of us had died. Reflections of loss seen in your sigh, just as dry as my fingers, dancing low and high. We don't even know how we'd start a word, and have forgotten how we used to dream about conquering the world. But in this very sad shade, I see that we have survived. To be each of a half, on their way to find its perfect laugh.

I'll see you in another side.