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My Disneyland Tale (Part. 1)

My Disneyland Tale (Part. 1)

YIPPIE-DO! As I have shared on my twitter and instagram for the following past week, I just had a very nice experience visiting Hongkong Disneyland again this year. Shorty, I went there with mom and meet other bloggers who will also joining the Disneyland experience :

Meet Bena from Benablog and Sonia from Riotous Belle – my Indonesian partners for the Disneyland adventure. We stayed at Hongkong Disneyland’s Hollywood Hotel, a very nice place with sweet treats! My room was on the back side of the hotel, where the bay-view is our privilege and clear, gloomy skies are starring from the far. Lovely little hive.

Some pictures from my hotel room, with double king-size bed and cute packaged hotel attire! 

Room is clean, neat and wonderful. The king-size bed is comfortable for two, so a room can fits up to 4 person, and still big enough for everyone’s activities. Window-lights are perfect and I love my Mickey-themed designed bed that instantly brought up all of my childhood memories. It’s a great fact that after a full day of activity I can go back to this room, feeling entirely happy to expect a good sleep for the whole night. 

So glad that Sonia was there! I loved this adorable girl. 

#Day 1 : CRYSTAL LOTUS Lunch

We started the day around lunch-time by having a very nice Disney Character Lunch Set at Hongkong Disneyland’s famous restaurant, Crystal Lotus. It was once of the cutest meals I ever had in life!! All meals are served in a medium portion, which is a nice way to enjoy a series of lunch set. From roasted ducks, beef, pumpkin soup... Everything looks totally kawaii! Not to forget how delicious the cooks were as well. 

Favorite parts : the cutest Mickey pudding and Duffy steamed red bean puree bun of course!! How can anyone EAT that face??

I had to admit that I had quite a hard time deciding how to eat the bun because it looks too adorable to be screwed. Mom finally put the bun on small slices and gave it to me so I can try eating it without guilt. It was so good! No regrets, the whole set of lunch were worth the cuteness! So we had lunch, fully charged, and now... ready for the Disneyland journey!

#Day 1 : DISNEYLAND, People!

Welcome to Disneyland. We're guided by the special team of hosts, to try the theme for today - which is “Adventure”. We’re going to try some new rides in their latest Parks : TOY STORY LAND and GRIZZLY GULCH! Do you know that Toy Story Land park in Hong Kong Disneyland is exclusively in Asia only? And Grizzly Hutch is the only one in the world as well, freshly open last July 2012. I’m a lucky one to get this chance! So excited. 

"Welcome!" said the front-gate Mickey.

It was sunny and quite hot, but Disneyland was as packed as usual. Everybody gathered in the Main Street USA around 3PM for the famous Disneyland’s Flights of Fantasy Parade!!


The Flights of Fantasy Parade was fun - there are rides and costume dancers for every parks that are open for visitors. They got parks-themed boats, little motorbikes, cute roller-blades... Big balloons and many other awesome stuffs! Also, all of the dancers were... SO ENERGETIC. I’m seriously amazed with their performance. Theme-song are also eye-catching, cute and cheerful. What a great opening! We're all excited for the coming rides. And here they are, listed one by one below :


We headed to the Adventureland and experiencing a little cruise to the jungle called “Jungle River Cruise”. We got lost in a tropical forest! 

If you love nature, wild-life and cruise to the heart of ancient tribe, you should definitely try the ride! The fake animals and people are soooo great you would have thought they're real. The girl who lead the journey were also funny and telling you creepy jokes along the way. 


After the safari trip, we tried the new Grizzly Gulch rides : a roller-coaster called Big Grizzly Mountain (Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars).

Don't be fooled by the cute mining! Or with the real-size bears inside the cave! This is one of the most heart-pumping roller-coaster ride I ever tried in life. Lucky I didn't pee on my pants out of excitement. I'd definitely ride it again next time though.


Now the Toy Story Land. I was in the group with Mom, Sonia and Audrio (Sonia's boyfriend). We tried two fun rides – Slinky Dog Spin and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop. Something safe, something kiddy...

The first one is a fun, kiddy-like ride with the cutest puppy train-head. The second one is heart- dropping flying machine that is soooo fun! You must try them one day!


After the heart-taking rides, we head on to the famous The Golden Mickeys show (at the Fairyland)– where we can see some fenomenal Disney stories and characters dressed up, singing live, dancing around!! Me and Sonia were so so so excited during the whole show. It’s truly MAGICAL!! 

Basically, The Golden Mickey sort of compile all Disney's most famous stories into one outstanding live-musical stage performance. From the classic Mickey and Donald, to Lilo & Stitch's tropical fever, Hunchback of Notre Dame's lonesome, up to the oriental Mulan and classic happy-ending Beauty & The Beast ballroom dance. The characters came to life for real! I don't wanna leave my seat. I can stay for three or four more shows please!

#6. it's a small world

So.. The Golden Mickeys, checked. Next we went to the little castle for it’s a small world ride. Awesome installation and gorgeous dollies! 

#Epilogue : Fireworks 

The closing for today is fireworks that is regularly showcased every 19.30 PM. It was soooo packed with sea of people that we couldn't really take any pictures from the whole show (but you can google it (or youtube it) to see the high-resolution pictures / videos other people made!).

I spent the rest of evening by walking around, enjoying beautiful nights and decoration there.

Disney at night : the shining castle during fireworks session and magical lights everywhere

Finally the fireworks end, and we rushed back to the hotel and had another awesome dinner time at Chef Mickey. The bonus part was to met with the Chef Mickey itself, took pictures, and get them printed in photo papers and key-chain holder!! 

Tired and incredibly satisfied, we went back to the room for resting and preparing tomorrow’s adventure. Disneyland was every child’s dream : all of the magical shows, rides, parks, cafes... It was definitely one of the day I will remember in my life.

Well, enough for today – i’ll continue my report in the next post of Disneyland Hongkong #Day2! Goodnight everyone, and have a wonderful dreams :)

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